“The day we got the steak stack, I cried of happiness. The day we lost it, I cried in sorrow.”

Phil Betley, Founder of Bring Back the Steak Stack

Bring Back the Steak Stack

Taco Bell, it's time. Do the right thing and restore your greatest creation to glory.

“Bring Back the Steak Stack” is a popular American Movement advocating for the return of Taco Bell's premier menu item.

In 2011, the world was graced by the single most delicious food item Taco Bell has ever brought into the world: The Triple-Steak Stack, a perfect combination of the aptly-named Triple-Steak and melted cheese, on a soft, delicious flatbread.

We lost our beloved Stack in 2013, suffering for two long years without it. In 2015, Taco Bell brought us The Return of the Steak Stack in all its greatness, but the King's reign was not meant to last.

We humble fans are asking Taco Bell to Three-peat the Triple-Steak Stack. If it was good enough for Jordan, it's good enough for the Bell. Live Más.